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postponed 2021

Russell Adamson

Urban Jazz

Russell Leon Adamson was born in Jamaica and moved to England with his family at the age of 10. He attained three city and guild certificates in electronics and engineering at Gloucester City College. His athletic abilities lead him to the Gloucester Youth Gymnastics team and to amateurs as well as Thai boxing. He carries the black belt status in various Martial Art Techniques. With this physical background he was granted a 4-year scholarship at the London School of Contemporary Dance. At the same time he took classes in Classical Ballet at the Central School of Ballet in London.He studied Ballet with Marian Lane and Laura Conners of the Royal Ballet School and Company (UK) and Jazz with Deirdre Lowell and Wayne Babeist (Alvin Ailey Company), Daniela Lorenz (Matt Mattox Company), Charles Augins (USA) and also Claude Paul Henry (London) and Max Stone (New York).He also studied Modern with Bill Louther (Martha Graham and Alvin Ailey Company), Carolyn Carson and Jorma Uotinen (Helsinki City Theatre, Finland), Viola Farber from the Merce Cunningham Company, Jane Dudley and Robert Cohan from the Martha Graham Company.


Russell Adamson is an innovative teacher, motivating his students to focus on their work, so they can do more than they expected. With his support many young dancers have chosen dance as their profession. He has also created many choreographies, which received a lot of recognition in Finland and abroad.


Jorge Crecis

Towards Vivencia

Jorge holds a degree in Sport Sciences and studied at the Royal Conservatory of Madrid. After working as a professional dancer for companies throughout Europe, he became a full-time lecturer at LCDS (The Place). Jorge is an award-winning choreographer whose work has been performed around the world, including New York City Centre, avant-garde 798 District in Beijing or Sadlers Wells. In 2018, he obtained his PhD degree by Goldsmiths University of London. For 20 years, Jorge has been working to crack the secret of how to replicate altered states of consciousness using neurosciences, anthropology and phenomenology. The result is a cuttingedge methodology that he shares through workshop and a one of a kind online training that is called: Towards Vivencia.

 photo by Lorenzo Hernandez

Our on-site workshops are a highly effective way to experience peak performance presence and learn tools to train it. We uncover how the nervous system works and how to use its full potential in our daily routines. During the workshop, we will train mindset and motivation through high energy training, learning:


- Repertoire by Acosta Danza, Scottish Dance Theatre, Beijing 9 Contemporary Dance Theatre;


- A library of physical techniques and exercises developed over the last 20 years of academic and practical research.

Towards Vivencia builds on traditional training to allow performers to go even further. More than 100 people from 20 different countries are right now also training their Vivencia together online.

Are you ready?


Noam Carmeli

Gaga, Contact Improvisation

Noam Carmeli (Israel) studied architecture in Israel and Amsterdam and worked in this field until 2010. He began to dance in London in 2000, and since then continued to research and study within the field of dance, body and movement.Noam has been teaching since 2004, including teaching for professional dance companies in Israel, Europe and Japan,as well as performing in various improvisation based projects in Israel and abroad.


Emma Rozgoni

Gaga, Contact Improvisation

Emma Rozgoni (Sweden) holds her BA degree in dance from the National Academy of Arts, Oslo. After years of researching Gaga, including classes with Ohad Naharin and the Batsheva Dance Company, freelancing and performing in Amsterdam and Israel, and a year at the Gaga Teacher Program, Emma became a certified teacher of the movement language. She now teaches all over the world for well-known companies.


Maria Concetta Cariello

Archi-Humans Go Public, Contemporary Ballet

Coming from a ballet background, Concetta has then focused her training in contemporary dance and obtained a BA in Dance Studies at the School of Performing Arts, University of Malta.
Her previous university studies in Building Engineering-Architecture have provided her with a passion for architecture, design and art, which surely enriches her view of the world and understanding of space.
As a dance creator, she choreographed “I Cannot Walk Around My Body, I Cannot Leave It Behind” for 5 dancers, performed for UoM in Malta (2018); and her current solo work “PRIMA MATERIA: A Study On My Bodies”, supported by Arts Council Malta.
While working as a freelancer and as co-founder of Sirius Collective (2019), her current interests are towards somatic practices and Contact Improvisation, which inform both her practice and teaching. She would like to continue refining her dance practice towards an understanding of the efficiency of the body and the honesty of the self in relation with the other.

Archi-Humans Go Public was born from the desire of bringing together my two interests in dance and architecture on the ground of public spaces. It originated as a research project funded by Arts Council Malta in 2018.
It is a guided exploration - within Tampere city centre - of the two main elements of public spaces: architectural composition and people behaviour. The format of this specific workshop, designed for Nytke, will offer suggestions and tasks mostly focusing on the relationship that we have with the space around us. It aims/helps to acknowledge and challenge our habitual approach to the urban public space, to start noticing details, and to acquire new perspectives.
This workshop is an opportunity to explore the human architectural interactions in public spaces while being playful within an urban environment, where social norms usually dictate our behaviours.

Contemporary Ballet
These classes aim to bring into the ballet technique basic principles of contemporary dance and somatic practices. Some examples of the research questions that will be explored are: how can we bring the floor standing? How can breath help and support the movement? How can we play with spatial orientation and group patterns within a ballet class? What is pleasure in ballet? How can I use my body efficiently while performing a développé?
These and more elements will be offered as invitations during the evolution of the ballet class structure, working towards an embodied awareness of what ballet is for each of us, and for each of our unique bodies.


Rochelle Gatt



Sami Haapala

Performing in Immersive Performances,

Blindfold Jam and dj jam

Sami Henrik Haapala is a dancer, actor FIA, live art maker, anthropologist and a dj. They have produced, directed and performed over 20 years both in institutions and as a freelancer, both in Finland and internationally. They are currently finishing their doctoral research for Theatre Academy at the University of the Arts Helsinki with a focus on immersive and game performances. They are the artistic director of The Center for Everything.  

kaikenkesk.us       samihenrik.me


Blindfold Jam and dj jam 
Sight as a sense defines greatly all our action – and also how we experience dance. And still most of dance is something totally different – experiencing movement, feeling the movement and sensing oneself, others and the world we are immersed in.  
In this jam based on contact improvisation the temporary removal of the sense of seeing grants a possibility to sensitise into a deeper and more subtle perception and feeling of movement without the control of sight

Meeri Lempiäinen

Meeri Lempiäinen on valmistunut tanssitaiteen maisteriksi Teatterikorkeakoulusta ja toiminut 10 vuoden ajan esiintyjänä ja koreografina useissa taiteellisissa työryhmissä. Nykytanssin kentällä hän on työskennellyt mm. Kosei Sakamoton, Liisa Pentin ja Liisa Risun teoksissa, sekä useissa Petri Kekoni Companyn projekteissa. Taidetanssin kontekstien lisäksi esitysplatformeina ovat toimineet niin Savonlinnan Oopperajuhlien, Turun Kaupunginteatterin ja Hartwall Areenan suuret lavat kuin intiimit galleriatilat ja tanssielokuvat. Taiteellisen työn lisäksi Meeri on koulutettu shiatsukäsittelijä sekä yksi helsinkiläisen tanssikoulu Tanssivintin vastuuhenkilöistä. Opettajana Meeri pyrkii ohjaamaan tanssijoita heidän kehollisuuttaan ja henkilökohtaisia prosessejaan kunnioittaen. 


Meeri Lempiäisen ohjaamassa työpajassa harjoitetaan virtaavaa ja funktionaalista liikettä sisäisestä levollisuudesta käsin. Kehoa maadoittavien harjoitteiden läpi liikutaan kohti improvisatorisia tehtäviä ja erilaisia kehollisia tuntuisuuksia. Kurssilla tanssitaan niin yksilöinä kuin yhteistä tilaa luoden. Praktisesta näkökulmasta Meeri on kiinnostunut liikkeen orgaanisuudesta suhteessa painovoimaan, kiertoihin ja momentumiin. Kurssin aikana työstetään myös valmista liikemateriaalia ja tutkitaan kuinka sisäisellä huomion suuntaamisella vaikutetaan tanssin ilmentymiseen annetun liikesarjan sisällä. "Sen lisäksi, että olen fokusoitunut siihen keholliseen tilaan, jossa liike tapahtuu vaivattomasti, "läpi eläen", olen hyvin kiinnostunut havainnoimaan mielen liikkeitämme tanssissa. Reflektiivinen, avoin ja utelias suhde tanssin tapahtumiseen on minulle tärkeä lähtökohta."


Karoliina Laitinen




Laura Kuukkanen



Karolina Mielczarek

Creative movement

Karolina Mielczarek is a performer, choreographer and dance teacher based in Malta. Working within her approach to dance – storytelling in movement – she is interested in exploring the interrelation between personal stories and movement. Karolina believes in the importance of storytelling and dance as the tools for expression and connection between people. As a performer and choreographer, Karolina collaborated with artists such as Idit Herman (Clipa Theatre, Tel Aviv), Bozena Eltermann (Cynada Theatre, Gdansk), Marek Brand (Miniatura Theatre, Gdansk) as well as academics – Dr Mario Frendo from the Department of Theatre Studies, University of Malta. Alongside her work as a dancer and choreographer, she decided to dedicate herself to broaden her academic horizon, refining her studies at the University of Malta, achieving in 2019 a bachelor degree in Psychology and Theatre Studies. Karolina is teaching creative movement for people with Parkinson’s disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis in Step Up for Parkinson’s Voluntary Organisation. Furthermore, she is writing a book for children entitled “Lemon-cello” with EDE books (Zvezdan Reljić) being the publisher, Katri Kuukkanen as the illustrator and Natalie Cousin – the musician.

More about Karolina’s work: www.storytellinginmovement.com


Aline Zora

Yoga, Contemporary dance.

Hei kaikki!!
My name is Aline ZORA contemporary Dancer and Yoga Instructor. I’m very excited to come back for this 2nd edition of Nytke Festival! 

Originally from the French Caribbeans, I grew up on a Pacific island called New-Caledonia. There, I trained in neo-classical, ballet and modern jazz. Furthering my studies in the UK, I graduated in 2018 with a BA Dance (First class Honours) from Salford University, Manchester. Thanks to it, I gained knowledge and experience in collaborative creation, interdisciplinary dance and performance in Contemporary as main style. 

I continue my professional development through professional classes, workshops and master classes lead by artists such as Kerry Nicholls, Gil Kerer, Susanna Leinonen, Goa Dance Residency (India) and many others. Currently living in Malta, I am working as a freelance dancer and member of Sirius Collective, an emerging performing arts collective that roots its practice on an opened, respectful and playful working environment.

As Yoga practitioner, the journey never stops. Since last year I had the opportunity and time to deepen my practice as well as refining my teaching skills. Adding up to my 200hrs YTT, I recently completed a 30hrs Yoga strength Training (Yoga Alliance) in Malta, I am looking forward to share with you some new and fun sequences.


« I had a pleasure to join Alines 5 day yoga course in Finland and it was a purely wonderful experience ❤️ Calm, positive, friendly and very clear instructions. I felt absolutely amazing afterwards! »

My Yoga classes are inspired from Vinyasa Flow style and will challenge you physically and mentally. If you’re looking to improve your physicality, look after your body and get you started for a great day, my classes are for you! 


 I will guide you through a contemporary dance class using principles of floorwork, improvisation and rhythm. Get ready to sweat and have fun!

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