Festival Program, Prices and Course Descriptions


Authentic Movement Course O  

Wed, Thur, Fri 16:00 - 17:15 (outside) 


Theatre Evenign at Hällä-Stage On Saturday 19:00 -20:30 


GE Concetta Cariello

ER Emma Rozgoni 

NC Noam Carmeli

RA Russell Adamson

LK Laura Kuukkanen 

SLa Sanni Laine 

AZ Aline Zora 

WK Wooguru Kw

SL Susanna Leinonen 

S-ML Sini-Maria Limnell 

TL Tuulikki Lankio 

KM Karolina Mielczarek 

OL Osku Leinonen 

LB-S Lelle Baksa-Soós

A advance 

O open 

Green courses are for professionals and people who have dances several years

Orange courses are for All


ALL - pass 325 €

ALL-pass gives you access to all the courses you want, as well as to the Hällä Theater on Saturday evening. There are only 20 passes on sale. If you want to participate in the Lelle Baksa-Soos Authentic-Movement workshop, you must register separately (no separate fee).

OPEN - pass 290 € 

OPEN - pass gives you access to all OPEN lessons, as well as to the Hällä Theater on Saturday night.  OPEN lessons are marked in the schedule with orange color and with the letter O. There are only 15 passes for sale. If you wish to participate in the Lelle Baksa-Soos Authentic-Movement workshop, you must register separately (no separate fee).

You may also participate for individual courses as follows: 

Contemporary Ballet A (7,5 h) / Georgia Evans   100 €

GAGA O (3 h) / Emma Rozgoni  45 € 

GAGA and improvisation A (9 h) / Emma Rozgoni ja Noam Carmeli  130 € 

Contemporary Jazz A (7,5 h) / Russell Adamson 110 €  

Contemporary Dance O (7,5h) / Laura Kuukkanen 90 € 

Contact-Improvisation O (3 h) / Noam Carmeli 45 € 

Contemporary Jazz O (7,5 h) / Russell Adamson 110 € 

Contemporary Street O (3 h) / Sanni Laine 35 €

Evening Yoga O (7,5 h) / Aline Zora 90 € 

Freeflow A (4 h) / Wooguru Kw 50 € 

Susannan Masterclass A (4 h ) /  Susanna Leinonen 60 €

Creative Movement O (3 h) / Karolina Mielczarek 35 €

Freeflow O (6 h) / Wooguru Kw 75 € 

Unelma itsestä - workshop O (1,5 h) / Sini-Maria Limnell  20 € 

Kehonhuolto O (3 h) / Tuulikki Lankio 35 €

Yoga-dance A (3 h ) / Aline Zora 35 €

Butoh O (2 h) / Osku Leinonen 25 € 

Butoh O+A (4 h ) / Osku Leinonen 50 € 

Authentic-movement (1h 15min) / Lelle Baksa-Soós 15 € 

Additionally, if there is space, you may come to a drop-in class. The price for drop in class is 18 €/ h. For example if the class is  1,5 h, the total price would be 1,5 x 18 € = 27 €

Ticket for theater, if you have participated atleast one of the courses 20 € 

Ticket for theater without participation for courses 25 € 

Passes and course-tickets are personal and cannot be divided with the friend. 

Course Descriptions 

Contemp.Ballet / Concetta Cariello
Mon - Fri, 10 - 11:30
For advanced dancers

Contemporary Ballet is an excellent way to start your day during the festival! The class follows the structure of the ballet lesson, but compared to traditional ballet class, the emphasis is put to e.g. wider usage of the upper body and the deeper plié. During the week a small choreography inspired by the styles of William Forsythe and Wayne McGregor is rehearsed and those who are willing have chance to perform it in the theatre.
Gaga / Emma Rozgoni
Mon and Tue at 11:30 to 13:30

Gaga is a movement language developed by Ohad Naharin. The method offers a framework for discovering and strengthening the body, for challenging our
movement habits and exploring the endless possibilities in a gentle way while lightening our
senses and imagination.
The work improves instinctive movement and enhances the ability to use our energy within a wide range of different textures and qualities.
Gaga offers an experience of freedom and pleasure!
Contemporary Jazz / Russell Adamson
Contemporary Jazz OPEN every day from 16:00 to 17:30
Contemporary Jazz Advance, every day from 17:30 to 19:00

Contemporary Jazz lessons give you the opportunity to experience a lively and energetic movement. Advance lessons challenge dancers with the speed, physicality and technique, and in open classes, the dancers are invited to find the joy from movement and rhythm. Contemporary Jazz combines Jazz vocabulary with contemporary dance, where the body is used as a whole.
Contact Improvisation / Noam Carmeli
Contact Improvisation
Mon and Tue at 11:30 - 13:00

In today's world, the feeling of belonging can sometimes be lost. Contact improvisation enables research between yourself and the collective.
In Contact-Improvisation course, different tasks are given for solo, duet and group explorations, allowing discussions both physically and verbally.
Contemporary Street  / Sanni Laine
Contemporary Street
Mon and Tue at 17:30-19:00
All (Previous Dance Experience is helpful)

The Contemporary Street lesson focuses on finding your own style of movement that can be further developed using elements of street dance such as 'isolations', 'waving' and 'slow motion'.
Contemporary Dance / Laura Kuukkanen
Contemporary Dance EveryDay at 10 - 11:30

The Contemporary Dance course introduces dancers into the world of contemporary dance. Every day you get to experience with a specific contemporary dance style or aspect, such as release technique, improvisation, dance theater and modern dance. The course is designed especially for those who have not danced contemporary dance before.
Masterclass / Susanna Leinonen
Susanna´s Masterclass
Wed and Thur at 14:00 - 16:00

In Susanna's Masterclass, dancers get to practice Leinonen´s specific movement language, which is sharp, detailed and physically challenging.
Evening Yoga / Aline Zora
Evening Yoga
Every day from 19:00 to 20:30

Evening Yoga is a good way to finish your day. Aline's class focuses on both the body and the mind. There are breathing exercises, mediation and asanas Aline's Yoga combines elements from both Hatha, Vinyasa and Pilates. After the class, you may feel grounded and relaxed.
Freeflow / Wooguru Kw
Freeflow A Wed, Thur at 11:30 - 13:30
Freeflow O Wed, Thur, Fri at 14:00 - 16:00

<FREE FLOW: physicality toward musicality> is a new contemporary dance style and training method focused on biomechanics for the attainment of the total freedom of the individual body and its integrity. The technical emphasis is on the basis of jump techniques, including breathing, landing, and mastering the kinetic energy for further movement.

Those who want get to perform Freeflow at the theatre on Saturday.
Kehonhuolto / Tuulikki Lankio
Kehonhuolto / Body Conditioning
Wed, Thu and Fri at 17:30 - 18:30

Body Conditioning combines breathing and relaxation effectively with body strengthening and stretching exercises.
The class is for everyone, and the focus is to practice from each individual starting point with a gentle sense of humor. After the class, you will feel refreshed and relaxed.
Creative Movement / K.Mielczarek
Creative Movement
Wed and Thur at 11:30 - 13:00

Creative Movement is a set of techniques that is easily manageable by everyone. As creativity forms part of the unseen who we are, the movement intends to introduce the ways of utilising this powerful yet invisible force,which can also be found useful in everyday life. Creative movement is a way of linking the passion for dance with the passion for life!
Unelma itsestä / Sini-Maria Limnell
Unelma itsestä ('Dream Self')-workshop
Wed klo 16:00-17:30

Unelma itsestä
(Dream-self) course offers questions and answers regarding everyone´s individual dream life by discussing and doing practical tasks.
The course focuses on the following themes: nutrition, joy, listening to yourself, and how to make dreams come true in practice.
Yoga-Dance / Aline Zora
Thur and Fri at 16:00 - 17:30

Yoga is the union of the body, mind & spirit. Yoga-dance with Aline ZORA will explore principles of Yoga through dance, breathing and meditative practices. How can we experience union and oneness through movement? Let’s get in touch with this place within us that makes us move. Let’s connect to others.
Butoh / Osku Leinonen
Butoh O Fri 11:30 - 13:30
Butoh A Fri at 14:00 - 16:00

Butoh was invented in Japan after the Second World War. Butoh is a form of contemporary dance and performing arts, where humanity and various forms of aesthetics are appreciated. Open class is suitable for everybody. In advance class the practice is taking even deeper and a small demo is created and presented in the class room at the end of the class.
Authentic-movement/ Lelle Baksa-Soós
Wed, Thur, Fri at 16- 17:15

Authentic Movement was developed by Mary Whitehouse, and it is a form of dance practice working with imagery and spontaneous movement. At Nytke, the Authentic Movement workshops will be held outdoors, with a limited number of participants (max 5) to allow for a deeper and closer investigation on all ends.
Lelle will be leading the group through a meditative practice, relaxing the mind and body for authentic movement..
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