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9.-17.7. 2021 Varala -Tampere -Finland

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  • Instagram's a kind of movement. It is also the initial force. When enough energy is tied to a particular thing and friction is defeated, things are NYTKE forward.


It is like finding your limits and going beyond  them, perhaps even leaving the comfort zone and thus learning.


It is also a stopping, because you can't NYTKE before you have stopped.


Sometimes NYTKE may be stressful 'why you NYTKE?' Or liberating ... NYTKE in relax manner with the rhythm of music.

If life in itself should be described by some movement, maybe NYTKE  would be a good term for it. It lights up and turns off, but always seems to be moving forward or at least in some direction.

NYTKE, it can be big, gripping and even rude, or small and subtle, almost discreet. Sometimes it can be controlled and sometimes it takes with it. If you are quietly seated and listening carefully can you sense NYTKE - heart? I'm alive, here, now, now, now .. see you in the summer!

We offer a wide range of courses under the guidance of top teachers in the spectacular scenery and facilities of Varala. Varala also provides an opportunity for accommodation. Join our mailing list and get the latest news straight to your email!

About Nytke
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Nytke 2021 classes

Schedule for workshops is out now! Also this year we get to dance from the morning till late evening. Nytke offers a wide range of courses with interesting teachers. There will be classes for advanced and professionals, youth and open-level. 

The theme of the festival this year is human. We are aiming to encounter each other, and ask gently what do we need, where does our evolution go? 

Advanced and professionals


Professional and advance dancers have a chance to dance and work with colleagues from morning till evening every from Friday to Friday! Workshops include various contemporary dance styles and both top Finnish and international teachers. 

Check the schedule and book your place! 


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In addition to the professionals, we also offer open-level courses. Dance has a proven track record in giving health and well-being. We want to play our part in helping people find joy and self-awareness through movement and expression. Open-level classes are also offered five days a week, led by top professionals.

Some of the open level workshops may be interesting also for professionals, check out the schedule. 

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 Nytke offers classes also for Youth (12 - 17 years old) this year..

Young dancers have a chance to dance every day 3,5 h in a competition free environment.  Young people have the opportunity to learn from two professional teachers every day. The Youth will also make a small piece with Russell Adamson during the week, which will be presented at Nytke Theatre Evening, at the Hällä-Stage 17.7.



Events during Nytke 2021

Nytke Theatre Evening  at Halla-stage on 17.07.2021


The Nytke  Theater Evening will be held at the Hällä-stage on Saturday July 17, 2021. Similar to 2019, the 2021 Nytke Theater Evening will feature several short contemporary dance pieces, so it will be good opportunity to bring also a friend who has not seen contemporary dance before. 

Nytke in the woods 20.-25.2021 

Misty Forest Reflection

The Nytke in the Woods artist residency will be held also this year on Pikku-Otava Island in Ylöjärvi. We will invite 10- 15 dance artists from Finland and abroad to work together with co-creation group. 


In Nytke, apart from a  dance technique, we concentrate to find presence

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