Russell Adamson
Russell Adamson is an internationally renowned choreographer, dancer and a teacher. He has studied dance in London School of Contemporary Dance and Central School of Ballet in London. His works have been seen at national ballet shows, festivals, theaters, television and fashion shows (Marimekko). He has taught eg. Conservatories, Universities (Tampere, Kuopio), National Ballets (St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Tallinn), and various festivals (Impulstanz, Kuopio Tanssii and Soi).
Lelle Baksa-Soós
Lelle Baksa-Soós is a dancer and a dance teacher from Hungary. She has studied a Bachelor degree in dance in Malta University. She has performed in several productions and also created her own works. After Nytke, she will go to China to study martial arts to find new approaches for dance and movement.
Noam Carmeli
After years of working as an architect, Noam Carmeli decided to change his life path by focusing on dance, especially contact improvisation and group improvisation.

He is doing an Master degree (Jerusalem Academy of Arts) on the influence of movement on the individual and society.

He teaches, performs and acts as a manager in the Israeli contact improvisation organization.
Georgia Evans
Georgia Evans is a dancer, an artist and a teacher. She has studied dance (BA honors) at the University of Malta and is currently doing her Master of Arts studies. She has a strong ballet and contemporary dance background. In addition, she is also a yoga teacher.
Laura Kuukkanen
Laura Kuukkanen is currently graduating from the University of Malta (Bachelor in Dance Studies). She dances, teaches, performs and is also interested in dance in an academic sense. She has a mission to make the people find dance despite their background. She strongly believes that dance has power to connect and empower people!
Wooguru Kw
Wooguru Kw is a choreographer who has developed a new training method for dancers - Freeflow.

Freeflow encourages the dancer to spontaneous movement by taking into account the specific characteristics of each body. Wooguru's works have been seen e.g. in Germany, in South Korea and in USA.
Sanni Laine
Sanni Laine aka Sunny is a dancer and aa dance teacher. She studied dance in France and Sweden, after which she moved to Tampere to share what she had learned.

Her most trained styles are Locking and Popping, but besides specific styles and dance technique, she is interested in the unique, unique way of people to move. Her classes combines elements of street dance with contemporary dance.
Tuulikki Lankio
Tuulikki Lankio is a pilates and circus director.

She keeps body conditioning course which is suitable for everybody. In her class breathing and relaxation is combined with strengthening and stretching exercises. After class one can feel refreshed and relaxed!
Osku Leinonen
Osku Leinonen is a butoh dancer and qigong director.

In his work, Osku has made physical theater, acrobatics, street theater, masquerade, and mimics, combining photography and image editing.

He has also founded the independent theater group, MO Theater, with Maria Salangina, and the Art House Pelto in Tampere.
Susanna Leinonen
Susanna Leinonen is one of the most famous Finnish contemporary dance choreographers.

After graduated from the Theater Academy in 2000, Leinonen has been leading her own group, Susanna Leinonen Company. The works of a company has been seen in over 25 countries. They have become known for their finished visuals and comprehensive artistic rigor, but above all for the personal, strict physical and detailed movement language.
Sini-Maria Limnell
Sini-Maria Limnell, a Dream Self-coach, lives in a unique dream of being free, playful and in her own power. Sini-Maria has realized her own Dream life and she lives a part of the year in the jungle of Bali, where she creates and facilitates retreats, as well as online training for women.

As a coach and facilitator, she wants to help you find energy, joy, freedom and strength in your life.
Karolina Mielczarek
Karolina Mielczarek is a dancer, artist and teacher. He studied dance at the Lodz Co-operative Ballet School and is currently completing a degree in Theater and Psychology at the University of Malta.

She is a founding member of the Transmission of the Flower Theater Group and a teacher at the StepUp for Parkinson's Volunteer Organization.

Karolina has been dancing and performing in Poland, Portugal, Israel and Malta.
Emma Rozgoni
Emma Rozgoni has a degree in dance from the National Academy of Arts in Oslo. For years she danced and studied Gaga movement language with Ohad Naharin and Batsheva Dance Company in Israel. 2012 she became a certified Gaga movement language teacher.

Emma has taught CullbergBaletten, in Carte Blanche Dance Company, in K.Kvarnström & Co, Skånes Dance Theater, and in Iceland Academy of Arts.
Aline Zora
Aline Zora is a dancer and a yoga teacher. She graduated (BA in dance) from the University of Salford at the University of England. After the university, she completed Yoga instructor studies, which have deepened her understanding of movement and dancer as a whole.

The yoga that she teaches combines elements from Hatha, Vinyasana, and Pilates.
Martta is the official mascot of Nytke. Martta is named after the legendary Martha Graham.

By observing animals, we can learn lot about presence and natural way of moving. For example, Martta starts her mornings by doing asanas.
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