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Nytke in a Nutshell 

The idea of Nytke is to bring people into a common space for a week to share, experience and learn together. Our vision is to provide a wide range of dance classes or courses closely related to dance to professionals, and advance dancers , but also for beginners. We also invite  dancers who have not danced contemporary dance before to join the festival and perhaps find new realizations for your own genre.  In the first year, we focus on providing courses mainly for adults.



We have been studying dance in Malta, a small but lively and international Mediterranian island . We have been able to experience many different dance influences in the field of contemporary dance, and we hope to bring it to Finland as well. Secondly, we hope that we will unite the Finnish dance world so that people in the field can learn and share their experience.  We believe that co-operation is the most fruitful way to work.


The festival week is finished with a theater evening, where we get to  enjoy the works of Nytke teachers. For example following choreographers will present their work: Susanna Leinonen, Russell Adamson, Osku Leinonen and Wooguru!

Additionally, small sample work is done in few of the courses, which are presented on the Hällä-Stage!

Warmly welcome to Nytke, 

 Laura and Venla


Venla Manninen
Claudia Peltonen
Oona Leinonen
Sofia Keto-Tokoi
Sanni Laine
Rebekka Vuohelainen
Heidi Julku

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